Segmental training to apply exercises for individual parts of the body. Prescribing specific exercises to re-integrate individual muscles and body parts after injury or due to individual weaknesses.


Application of multiple forms of stretching including Myo-fascial stretching, yoga stretches and Eldoas to realign and balance the body.


Physical preparation for exercise and activity. Segmental training to apply exercises for individual parts of the body. Guidance on the impact of injuries and surgeries on fitness, lifestyle and activity.



Based on the practice of Somatraining, which was created by Osteopath Guy Voyer, Sampson Training is approaching exercise from a better understanding of the anatomical function of the muscles of the body. Also being strongly aware that there are unique benefits from various forms of exercise, including Yoga and Pilates, the Sampson Training approach is inclusive rather than restrictive.


Introduce an understanding of the body’s muscular anatomy and exercise for people who are new to training.


Application of multiple forms of stretching including Myo-fascial stretching, yoga stretches and Eldoas to realign and balance the body.


Discuss and incorporate lifestyle changes in our daily life.



Change perspectives and approaches to the physical challenges of our bodies particularly in the case of long-term injuries.




Isolates the external rotator cuff muscles which are found on the outer surface of the shoulder blade on the upper back. The external or posterior rotator cuff is made up of two muscles, the Infraspinatus and the Teres Minor muscles. They turn the shoulder backwards. They work with the internal rotator cuff and a number of other muscles in controlling fine movement patterns of the shoulder. They are out numbered in the quantity and mass of muscles that are designed to rotate the shoulder forward or inwards. This makes them prone to injuries particularly when slowing fast movements as in sports.



I first started working with Adrian to address some lingering injuries from intense repetitive exercise, including running and cycling. From the beginning I could tell his approach was drastically different from other trainers – focusing on identifying and strengthening weaknesses to prevent injuries before they happen and keep any recurring pain at bay. Adrian knows the physical body inside and out which enables him to develop creative and challenging exercises that help me maintain longevity in the activities I love. We also trained throughout my pregnancy which helped to mitigate discomfort and bounce back quickly postpartum. He also just happens to be one of the friendliest guys around!


Laura Peever


I met Adrian when he was a student in the Fitness and Lifestyle program at George Brown College. A sedentary 5’7″ bureaucrat weighing in at 195 lbs — I was a tough assignment. Adrian coached me with imagination, wisdom and persistence and continued to do so for nearly ten years. With his support, I got down to 155 lbs and managed to cycle from Vancouver to Toronto in 2007. I still follow the routines and the attitude that Adrian taught me and at 73, I will run my third half-marathon this year. Adrian is the best — smart, gentle, very knowledgeable, creative and adaptable. You’d be hard pressed to find a better personal trainer anywhere.


Michael Cooke Ph.D.


Adrian’s unique and cutting edge approach to training stems from his deep understanding of the ideal mechanical function and performance of each aspect of the human body. His innate ability to quickly get to the root of any physical challenge is what ensures that the people he works with will achieve the results they are looking for. He is attentive, creative, thinks far beyond main-stream basic training exercises and will go the extra mile to ensure people strengthen from the ground floor up so there are no weak links in the chain. Adrian’s 20+ years of experience, combined with a keen intelligence and an insatiable appetite to constantly keep expanding his knowledge base is what distinguishes him and places him at the top of the fitness and strength training industry in Toronto.


Andrew Thompson


Having played competitive contact sports early in my life and now having spent most of my working life in an office environment, I developed extreme back pain in my 40’s to the point of it being debilitating. I started training with Adrian over 6 years ago and through a combination of gradual warm-ups, plyometrics, yoga, Eldoas, weight training, cardio and stretching I feel better and stronger now in my 50’s than I did a decade ago. The mental and physical benefits are undeniable, and I am extremely grateful. Adrian specifically designed a program that worked for me and we continuously change and alter exercises that fit with what is going on in my life and what areas need focus. Adrian takes the time to know what is going on in my world and understands what needs to be worked on. He challenges me to set realistic goals and he make’s sure we get there. Training with Adrian has improved my life 100%. Even during Covid, we train regularly via online and we have not missed a beat. I now have the ability to work, travel and do the things I enjoy doing, not only with out pain but with strength and confidence. I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone wanting to improve their life!


Mike Kirchmair